Name: Ben Bennett

PDGA Number: 72441

Hometown: Frankfort, KY

Favorite Brand: Innova

Favorite Disc: Roc3

Favorite Course: Lakeview Park (Capital City)

Bio: I’m Ben Bennett from Frankfort, KY, and I’ve been playing disc golf for 6 or 7 years now. I love music, I play the guitar and the banjo, and my faith is hugely important in my life. Ever since I picked up and threw my first disc I knew that I had found my passion, and now I’m working to become a professional and get paid to do what I love doing.

Goals for the Season: I have a TON of goals for the season, but I’ll keep it to only the goals that pertain to my actual play: win and advanced tournament, win the Capital City Clash, and end the season 950 rated.

In the Bag: