Friction Gloves


THE WORLD’S #1 BEST SELLING ULTIMATE FRISBEE GLOVE is the one that started it all. These ultimate frisbee gloves give you exceptional control and power in ALL conditions. Perfect for dry, hot, rain, snow, or anything else. No matter how intense the play or incredible the conditions, these gloves let you maintain a firm grip on the disc. You will be catching and throwing great even in the worst weather.

WORN AND LOVED BY PLAYERS AT EVERY LEVEL. All over the world ultimate Frisbee players of every level play with Friction Gloves. From youth teams to professional leagues, top players insist on the best!

LATEST FRICTION 3 has improved design and essential features like enhanced grip on throwing fingers. This allows players to have amazing control of throws. We have reinforced the upper palms to greatly increase glove durability. Players just love the 4-way stretch at the crease of the thumb. This prevents the “webbing” effect many other gloves suffer. Now you can catch with ease.

**Check size chart before ordering to make sure you get the right size**

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