Dynamic Discs Commander Cooler Backpack


The Commander Cooler bag provides good disc storage with the added benefit of a built-in cooler. This bag can haul 10 discs in the main compartment, 4 discs in the vertical disc pockets, more discs or outer layers in the tall side pockets, and it still has room for a 6-pack in the insulated cooler pouch. With two additional water bottle holders on the side, the Commander Cooler ensures that you stay hydrated and have fun on the course!

Weight: 5 pounds 4 ounces
Dimensions (unexpanded water bottle pocket): 19″ High x 15″ Wide x 9.5″ Deep
Dimensions (expanded water bottle pocket): 19″ High x 21″ Wide x 9.5″ Deep
Cooler Dimensions: 9″ High x 6.5″ Wide x 8.5″ Deep

NOTE: Discs, water bottle, marker, bag tag, and towel in picture above are not included with the Commander Backpack. The built-in cooler can be removed if needed.

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